name: butterknife

description: promotional gift for LTH, technical faculty of Lund Univeristy. Text, “MADE OF UNTREATED ALDER, BY STIG ANDERSSON TRÄ AB, VISLANDA, SWEDEN / TREAT WITH VEGETABLE OIL BEFORE USE / DISHWASH BY HAND / DISPOSE OF BY COMPOSTING IN FOREST OR INCINERATE AND REPATRIATE ASHES TO FOREST / DESIGNED BY OLOF KOLTE 2012”, to communicate and make transparent the knifes material, origin, how to maintain it and dispose of it and the authorship of the design. 2.550 butter knives was produced.

material: untreated alder wood

client: Lund University, LTH, Lisbeth Wester

year of conception: 2012

copyright: Olof Kolte Design